Welcome to the Gérald VATRIN Residency Exhibition

We are delighted to welcome the French glass artist, Gérald Vatrin as part of our residency programme this year.

The artist visited our studio from 10th to 20th November 2020, to produce his major works as well as some new shapes that came into being right before our eyes, with the help of our team.

His work is both aesthetic and harmonious, with many of his works reflecting the mixing and InterWeaving of different cultural influences – MéTissage in French.


Gérald Vatrin is a contemporary Glass Artist. Originally from Nancy and a graduate of the Epinal School of Fine Arts and European Centre for Research and Training in Glass Art (CERFAV), he has accumulated and cultivated art knowledge and know-how regarding several different art forms, including painting, sculpture, engraving, etc., although Glass is his primary mode of expression. Having travelled most continents, encountering different cultures and art forms, he discovered the ideal material for expressing himself as an artist: Glass. The pieces, of such vibrant delicacy, cold to the touch yet burning with light, pay silent, lively witness to a cultural melting pot that defines every aspect of his life. The design of the overall glass artwork is evident in shapes derived from nature, mainly characterised by a balance between calmness and bustle, activity and inactivity, the metric and dynamic principle, to produce shapes representing severity, strength and moderation. A rainbow of tactile and visual sensations, marked by the imprint of a special kind of refinement springs from every piece. Through his creations, the divine creative purpose, as the visible expression of the invisible and supernatural, aims to let us penetrate the meaning of life to a deeper extent. “Every culture remains authentic while being enriched through contact with other cultures” (Claude Levi-Strauss)


Wednesday 11th to Friday 20th November: Producing works of art. Unfortunately, not open to the public as the Residency took place during Lockdown and therefore during the government-ordered closure.

To CLOSE the Artist Residency: “MéTissage” EXHIBITION from May 29 to July 11, 2021.

Gérald Vatrin will honor us with his presence at the workshop from Tuesday 25 to Saturday 29 May.
In order to respect the rules in force for the health crisis we are experiencing, we organize MEETINGS with the ARTIST.
It will therefore be possible to meet him by appointment during these days.

THE OPENING of the « MéTissage » EXHIBITION held during its November Residency will be on Saturday, May 29, from 10 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.
Demonstrations will also take place throughout the day.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to make an appointment at accueil@pierini.fr