Serie Drunkness

Designed by Antoine PIERINI 2013

« There is no art without drunkenness » said Nietzsche, meaning that drunkenness tends to accompany all great desires and all great emotions. Countless writers or artists tried to escape reality and reach artificial paradises in order to transcend their creativity and flee away from what they considered boring conformity. In this quest of transcendence, Antoine Pierini goes beyond the utilitary function of the objects so the accumulation of distorted, deformed single objects make together a multiform sculpture where the light is reflected on cut facets, is absorbed by the velvet like sandblasted surfaces. Each one of them is different in shape, color, size, technique… thus creating together a dialogue and harmony which can offer a moment of exhilaration. Thus spoke Baudelaire « it is time to enjoy oneself and drink ! Be tipsy ! tipsy ! with whatever you like best, wine, poetry or virtue ! Whatever works to help reach this state of drunkenness ! ».