Revelation in Paris : Highlight on 2 of our Glass artists.

The 4thedition of the International Fine Crafts and Creation Biennial ArtShow “Revelations” will run from May 23 to 26, 2019 at the Grand Palais, in Paris. Two of our Biot’s Glass Artists have been selected to exhibit some of their work. 

Supported by the Ateliers d’Art de France since 2013, the biennial art show is an appointment not to be missed for the professionals of Fine Crafts and Creation. It gathers a prestigious public, which is constantly increasing (40 268 visitors in 2017)of art lovers and collectors, gallerists, architects, interior decorators,buying offices and also art directors of luxury houses.

Sixteen countries are represented by 400 creators, artists, manufactures, galleries, prestigious houses, foundations and institutions which reveal all the wealth and liveliness of contemporary art crafts practices worldwide. These creators are scrupulously selected by an international artistic committee, composed of well-known contemporary art specialists. This committee acknowledged Beloi Tanta and Antoine Pierinifor their undeniable creativity and craftsmanship.

For the first time this year, Anaïs H. Robinson(knowned under the name of Beloï Tanta) will exhibit a new collection of glass sculptures. Starting with a metal wire in empty structures, she then incorporates them into her full glass sculptures. 

For the third time, Antoine Pierini will have the privilege to exhibit some creations from his emblematic collections: three Bamboo’s installationsin monochrome colours mixed with trendy colours. Antoine Pierini’s artistic approach aim to be faithful to these values: purity of the glass, simplicity and elegance of line. The verticality of the « Bamboos » enables the creation of monumental indoor sculptures. However, it is in the outdoors that the perfect harmony of the work of Art returning to Nature can be appreciated.

Antoine Pierini will also exhibit a piece of art from a collection entitled “On the Rock”. The visitors could admire the liquid and brilliant reflection of the glass which captures the light as it plays on the stone, symbolising sometimes the frozen torrents and waterfalls of the mountains. Not to mention the phenomenon of the boiling transformation of rock to liquid referred to here by a series of golden bubbles inside the glass.

The “Dune” installation with its vegetal green-orange-like colours and its rounded shapes will evoke the Sahara Desert. The apparent simplicity of these forms contrasts with the necessary high level of technicity to form them. The creations are glass blown with the cane and then later cold engraved. 

The last sculpture belongs to the collection Apesanteur (Weightlessness). There is a strong contrast between the massive material and the aerial sensation that Antoine Pierini achieved to give to this creation. 

The 4thedition of the International Fine Crafts and Creation Biennial Art will run from 23rdto 26thmay 2019 at Grand Palais in Paris. It will promote the values conducive to the cultural influence of the creative craftsmanship. 

Anaïs H. Robinson and Antoine Pierini will be at the exhibition on the city of Biot’s booth.

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