Retrospective of 5 years of Artist Residences

The exhibition will run from September 19 to December 20, 2020.

Each year, the Pierini Glass Art Center offers exceptional encounters in Biot, and welcomes contemporary glass artists who rely on the international glass art scene as well. as emerging artists.

Artist residencies are an opportunity for an exchange of know-how, a master-class, a demonstration and a presentation to the public.

For the first time, the work of 13 creators, glassblowers, who have come in recent years to the Provençal city, Biot, on the French Riviera, are presented in the same exhibition. It shows that the most sophisticated techniques can be used at the service of skill and imagination.

Exhibition to which is added the presence of Nicolas Laty, our friend and essential artist on the international scene and within our Art Center for more than 11 years.

Come (re) discover all these worlds while waiting for the newcomers in 2021!


  • Antoine Brodin
  • Anaïs H. Robinson
  • Léo
  • Nicolas Laty


  • Raven Skyriver
  • Kelly O’Dell
  • Ethan Stern
  • Gabe Feenan
  • Rob Stern
  • Jason Christian


  • Mathieu Grodet


  • Ondrej Novotny
  • Martin Janecky