Residence & Exhibition Xavier CARRERE

In residence at the Centre d’Art du Verre Pierini in Biot in September, Xavier Carrère will present the results of his research during the exhibition « Après mon Bing Bang » from September 25th to November 13th, 2021.

He began shaping molten glass with his uncle, master glassmaker Robert Pierini. For Xavier Carrère, returning to Biot is therefore like a return to the origins of his passion. Born in 1966 in Draguignan and working in the Landes, the sculptor and glassblower  is invited in residence from 14 to 24 September at the Centre d’Art du Verre Pierini. This is an opportunity for him to benefit from workshop’s equipment and know-how, and to exhibit in our gallery founded by Francine and Robert Pierini, where we are developing the family tradition.

If he likes to detach simple colored forms in his sculptures, get back to basics, Xavier Carrère also has the particularity of combining glass with metal, concrete or burnt wood. A universe that he also deploys for the exterior and interior in the form of wall lamps, headboards, tables and gates, intended to beautify everyday life, and that can be found in his vast showroom in Magescq.

For this residency in Biot, he has chosen to bring out of the molten material elements of an answer to a question: if you had to shape an ideal universe, what would it look like? An after Big Bang to discover this autumn, an invitation to travel on personal galaxies and planets.

« Whatever the complex path to reach them, the simplest ideas are always the best. No frills or unnecessary details, no postiche ornaments, no fake artifice to pervert the refined beauty of Xavier Carrère’s work which infinitely leads a quest for the essential  » CharlElie Couture


Exhibition « Après mon Big Bang » from September 25th to November 13th 2021. Opening on September 25th at 4 pm Demonstrations, Meetings with the audience followed by an aperitif.

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