Program 2020

Learn about our upcoming events and exhibitions

This year, in 2020, we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of our place and the 20th anniversary of the artistic career of Antoine Pierini. To celebrate these events, the whole year will be punctuated by events, exhibitions, demos. So mark your calendar…

Program of Atelier Pierini
March 16 - May 31

Robert PIERINI retrospective exhibition

It was in 1980 that Robert Pierini and his wife Francine Begou acquired this old olive oil mill. Year which will mark the beginning of his long artistic career which ended in 2000, year of transmission of his workshop to his son Antoine. To pay tribute to him and celebrate the 40th anniversary of the place, the latter is organizing an exceptional exhibition of 40 works retracing these 40 years of career.

Program of Atelier Pierini
June 15- Sept 30

Antoine PIERINI’s 20-year career

An exhibition of the works of Antoine Pierini will be organized this summer to celebrate his 20 years of artistic career. On this occasion, his most beautiful installations will be scripted and the public will be able to discover his « trip to the Mediterranean » and his latest glass sculptures.

Program of Atelier Pierini
Sept 25- Sept 27


From 25 to 27 September 2020 inclusive, the second edition of the international glass festival at BIOT, the BIG, will take place. Antoine and Gaelle Pierini, co-organizers of this event, will welcome guest artists for exceptional demos, open to the public.

Program of Atelier Pierini
Oct 1- Dec 20

Resident Artists Exhibition

An exhibition and sale of the creations of all resident artists will take place from October 1 to December 20, 2020. The opportunity to introduce the public to different worlds and internationally renowned glass artists. Among the artists on display, you will find creations by: Nicolas Laty, Raven Skyriver, Kelly O’Dell, Ethan Stern, Gabe Feenan, Mathieu Grodet, Rob Stern, Ondrej Novotny.