Maserati, a prestigious event

Maserati chose Pierini Glass Studio for their prestigious event, the press launch of the new version of their mythical cars.

At this occasion, the showroom has been completely redesigned and reconfigured, notably its first floor, to create a unique presentation set up…

Instead of the glass sculptures usually on show, new elements designed to customize the inside and the outside of the famous MASERATI cars were exhibited like master pieces. The Press conference took place in this atmosphere, conducive to discovery, allowing the journalists to find inspiration for their articles to come.

At the end of the conference, guests were invited to watch the creation of a unique artwork : the making of a glass sculpture by Antoine Pierini. A Maserati element was used as a base to receive a molten piece of glass, tinted in the brand’s colours.

The 15th of September was a good memory for Maserati, their teams and their guests who were blown away by this prestigious event, breath-taking yet intimate location, and by the creativity of the artists.

>> Discover the video of the event :