Pierini Verre Contemporain becomes

We are happy to announce at the start of 2020, we have a new name. Pierini Verre Contemporain is now, The Pierini Glass Art Center.

What is different with the Glass Art Center?

For the last three years, Antoine and Gaëlle Pierini have wanted to promote the art of glass; introducing emerging and established glass artist from around the world.

Starting as a simple workshop and showroom; then transformed into a contemporary art gallery. Exhibiting sculptures by artists internationally around the world, all with a unique universe: Raven Skyriver to Kelly O’Dell, passing by Nicolas Laty or Rob Stern. Pierini has thus become the largest glass gallery on the Côte d’Azur, in number of works exhibited. Each piece is created within our facility.

In parallel, the creation of new experiences, such as glassblowing, the creation of art work or even the Glass Art Cooking feast, made this place known as a place of wonder for all visitors to the Côte d’Azur. All are welcomed to have an extraordinary artistic experience.

Lets not forgot about what is most important on our agenda– our mission to involve a more educational program with our center. Antoine Pierini welcomes interns from the United States every year. In 2019, 4 trainees were welcomed from the Pilchuck Glass School (United States), Cerfav (France) and (Sweden) respectively. At the local level, partnerships with schools allow us to welcome children to make the discovery of molten glass. We welcome all students destined to orient themselves in an artistic profession.

The means to make this dream come true

September 3rd to 14th, Rob Stern an American glass artist, realized the potential in our workshop, and in front of the visitors, he created eleven unique glass sculptures.

It took several months of hard work, in order to transform our studio into a full-fledged glass art center. Our artist residency program has offerred various things to contribute towards the Artist-in-Residency. Each artist is sponsored in our numerious media interacions/campaign(s), detailing their thoughts and processes, from start to finish . A demo will be organized and will be opened to the public. At the end of each residency, we will host an opening showing for the artists’ creations.

Substantial investments have been made in order to offer visitors a real journey through the gallery: the creation of the first floor in 2018 to the expansion of the exhibition area. In 2020, the Pierini Glass Art Center will be pleased to formalize its name with major events: 40 Years of the Place, and 20 Years of Antoine Pierini’s career.