Côte d’Azur France’s Pebbles

We are proud to announce that PIERINI GLASS STUDIO has been selected by the Comité Régional du Tourisme Côte d’Azur to represent artistic professions for the launch of a new brand : « Côte d’Azur France ».

This initiative aims to promote the Azurean area internationally, highlighting local expertise and young talents. Thus, PIERINI GLASS STUDIO was chosen alongside local emblematic brands such as Fragonard, Confiserie Florian, and Moulin St Michel.

For the occasion,  glass artist Antoine Pierini designed a special and limited collection : « Côte d’Azur France’s Pebbles », which were created and hand-crafted in our studio in Biot.

Antoine Pierini found his inspiration in our beautiful region and its art of living, where pebbles start their journey as raw rocks hurtling their way down mountains in the inlands, softening their shape as streams and rivers carry them down to the shore where their travel ends… or where another starts : pebbles are also used to pave the alleys and the squares of our picturesque villages.

These artistic pebbles come as a limited collection and offer a variety of tones : intense blues, warm oranges, soft pinks and sunny yellows. Their surface display different textures : smooth, sand-blasted, jasper-like, or even engraved. So many features contributing to the uniqueness of these artworks.

Imagined as customisable triptychs, with 3 different formats, it is yet possible to purchase them individually.

This collection is  available at the Galeries Lafayette Nice Massena (Côte d’Azur France corner),and in different tourist offices in the region as well as in our showroom in Biot.

“I consider myself lucky to have been born on the French Riviera. Daily, this magnificent region is an infinite source of inspiration. The « French Riviera pebbles » evoke this atmosphere : stone slowly polished by the soft waves of the Mediterranean Sea.” Antoine PIERINI



designed by Antoine PIERINI