Exhibition « Updated Past »

17 July – 31 Oct 2019

From July 17 to October 31, 2019, our glass art center introduces you to a French and Canadian artist: Mathieu Grodet. From his artist residency held in our workshops in July 2019, Mathieu created unique pieces inspired by the remains of antiquity. The art of rethinking the utility in artistic object … Mathieu Grodet excels in the matter …

The artist

Mathieu Grodet is an artist of the same generation as Antoine Pierini. Born in 1977 in Orleans, he discovered glass in 1999 after studying at the College of Art and Design in Orleans.

After training with a craftsman, he chained internships in France and Europe. He also undergoes torch training at CERFAV (European Center for Research and Training in Glass Arts). After many trips, he finally settled in Killaloe, Ontario (Canada) where he applies the different techniques learned over the years and develops a style of his own.

The works of Mathieu Grodet are part of many private and public collections, including the Corning Museum of Glass in New York, the Art Institute of Chicago or the Museum of Fine Arts in Quebec.

Mathieu Grodet makes small glass objects, thin and elegant, in a classic Venetian style, but with very singular shapes, on which he engraves very contemporary illustrations. Through his enamelled drawings, he tackles recurring themes on memory, lies or secrets. His work reflects a profound questioning of the world and its violence.

« I use a variety of techniques and materials to reflect the poetic decadence of today’s society and represent my current worldview. Combining modern graphics with old glass to bring my work to the contemporary art scene, I strive to explore the conversation between the old and the new. Mathieu Grodet

The artistic approach

The specialty of Mathieu Grodet is to create pieces in glasses while finesse, on which he will engrave illustrations and messages in total shift with the classicism of his objects. He also makes quite exceptional drawings where his singular and whimsical universe is quite unique. It is this shift that gives a very contemporary dimension to his creations. Antoine Pierini and Mathieu Grodet have this common point of being inspired by History and the art of glass as it was worked by the first glass artists.

The exhibition

The name of the exhibition « Updated Past » thus refers to the objects of the past revisited, leaving most of the day to pass through breaks created by the artist himself.

This exhibition introduces you to the art of creating and rethinking so-called utilitarian objects. Mathieu Grodet created hot glasses, cups, and other objects, which he deliberately broke and then pick up and worked some pieces by iridescent, engraving, to give them a contemporary artistic dimension. The breaks bring this fragility sought by the artist and allow a play of light.

Rethinking utilitarian objects in collector’s items is an art and Mathieu Grodet excels at this.

During the exhibition, you will also discover 2 unique pieces: « At the end of the night », a pair of bird wings whose feathers were created one with the technique of the torch, as well as the work with 4 hands made during of the demo in front of the public of July 17: a white amphora Antoine Pierini minimalist design having in his belly a glass created by Mathieu Grodet, a technical challenge for these two artists who wanted to give meaning to this collaboration: old born modern, from ancient art to contemporary art …