Exhibition in Monaco from August 1st to September 30th, 2019

An outstanding place

After a few years of absence in Monaco, Antoine Pierini returns for an exceptional exhibition at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort, from August 1 to September 30, 2019.

The exhibition « Travels in the Mediterranean » shows us unique, refined and contemporary creations through the treasures that history has left us. Long months of work were needed to write this exhibition « Voyages en Méditerranée » where the contemporary master glass artist proposes an artistic journey from a questioning.

« My glass sculptures seek to capture the ancestral and ephemeral poetry of Mediterranean cultures and landscapes. My desire is to share with you and discover my imagination by evoking the travel and introspection essential to our enrichment.

(A. Pierini)

To revisit objects such as amphorae or jars, is to evoke the ways of life of a set of peoples and civilizations that have contributed, for millennia, to form and nurture our identity. A work of memory. It is also trying to question us about our relationship to that which the Greeks then the Romans called “Mare Nostrum”. From time immemorial, this sea has allowed the circulation of goods and people, whatever the shores from which they came.

In the center of the immense reception of the hotel, it is the installation the « Warrior » which will retain all the attentions. This unique creation, with many inspirations: Eastern, Corinthian and Roman, is an opportunity for Antoine PIERINI to recall how war and conflict have been at the center of the history of the Mediterranean basin, whatever the times and civilizations incurred. The motif and especially the shield are in glass, while the crest of the helmet and the spear are made of brass and were made with the collaboration of the sculptor artist Thierry Pelletier.

For the creation of the amphora, a team of 5 glassmakers came to assist the artist. Here, hot work and cold working of the glass, that is to say the work of sanding, grinding, engraving, is just as important and has required several tens of hours of work.The incrustation of gold leaf for writing and its color gives a captivating and enigmatic dimension to the piece.

« Two things interest me in the history of Mediterranean conflicts: on the one hand their universality, what they say about human desires in general, and on the other hand, the possibility we have of decentering our gaze in confronting our western and oriental visions. This is why my warrior mixes eras while having deliberately a very contemporary, sober and refined design: he is timeless « .

This is not the first time that Antoine Pierini has exhibited for an exceptional establishment. Over the years, architects and people specializing in the purchase of works for luxury hotels have become interested in the work of the artist. His creations can be installed in exteriors or interiors, are made to measure, and can reach dimensions allowing to sublimate large lobby, or large gardens. Glass is an extremely robust material, allowing to install works supporting the weather very well and crosses the years without ever imposing any regular maintenance.

This new exhibition allows to put the « Bamboos », « Dunes », « Vestiges«  in situation and allows the visitor to admire all the beauty of these glass creations that come to capture the light and retransmit as a gift from the sky .

A big thank you to those who made this exhibition possible: Ms. Valérie Davidoff, artistic director of the exhibition, with the support and collaboration of Madame Safia El Malqui, the management team of the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort as well as the team of Pierini Verre Contemporain, glassmakers and staff who worked together on this exhibition.