Exhibition Glass & Design – Gabe FEENAN and Ethan Stern

Pierini Glass Studio is delighted to give you the opportunity this autumn to view the creative works of two major glass artistsGabe Feenan and Ethan Stern.

These two Americans are part of the new generation of glass artists who really matter in the contemporary art world. “Glass & Design” is the natural title for this exhibition of their design creations, demonstrating their complete mastery of the material, using hot and cold work.

Ethan Stern is a contemporary glass artist who is a great cold work specialist. He is able to hand-carve geometric lines with extreme precision. His great mastery of the material enables him to create multi-dimensional works, playing with the transparency of the glass and the contrast of the finely carved, cut and polished high-relief surfaces of his pieces.

Ethan Stern’s work is a constant exploration of the abstract, colours, material and light.

For the “Glass & Design” exhibition, Ethan Stern has created entirely unique works such as “Frond”, featuring exceptional colour and absolute delicacy in terms of finish. The interplay of transparent colours is evident in pieces such as “Steel Flora”, “Azur”and “Green Mizu”, created by means of cold work and featuring geometric engravings and lines on the surface, made by hand. This lends depth to the piece and results in the subtlest of designs.

Gabe Feenan is a renowned contemporary glass artist. He creates works in simple shapes with clean lines and extraordinary finesse. He excels in filigree work.His artwork is the result of a perfect balance between simplicity and complexity that fills us with wonder. He creates unique works through his mastery of the material and the way in which he incorporates colours.

For this“Glass & Design” exhibition, Gabe Feenan has created 12 works, including a triptych of grey, ruby and black columns and his famous transparent filigree. You can also see the “Cherry Bomb”and “Kool-Aid”, pieces that incorporate a filigree effect as a basic element, producing work of extraordinary colour.

If you did not get the chance to come and admire these two artists’ work during their residency in September this year, 24 of their creations will be on exclusive display in this “Glass & Design” exhibition at our PIERINI GLASS STUDIO showroom, foryou to view at your leisure until 21stDecember 2018.