From June 15 to September 30, 2020; an exhibition will take place in our Glass Art Center to celebrate the 20 years of career of the glass artist, Antoine Pierini. In additionn, we will be celebrating his 40th birthday.

20 year of being an Artist

Antoine Pierini grew up with the lively material of molten glass. He was fascinated by this material from an early age, watching his father Robert Pierini, also a master glassmaker.

The child then becomes an apprentice, practicing alongside his father as a gaffer. The chrysalis then becomes a butterfly. It was in the 2000’s that Antoine (in his 20’s) decided to travel and train with other famous glass artist (Chihuly, Preston Singletary, Martin Janecky, Davide Salvadore and etc.). These opportunites allowed him to acquire new techniques and to realize certain creations that were inaccessible as the artist becomes demanding with regards to this material.


This exhibition will retrace 20 years of creation, from his first glass sculptures, where we can still see his father’s signature filigree, to his new monumental creations: the antipodes of his beginnings.

The visitor will view the evolution of this artist, detailing his journey and story as a Contemporary Glass Artist.

Each sculpture is rich in meaning, with its own approach and its own intentions.

The artist’s projects

The artist is resolutely turned towards the future with numerous creation and partnership projects. For the past 2 years, Antoine has been engaged in a monumental creation project « Voyage en Méditerranée ».

Practical information

The opening of this exhibition will take place on Friday June 19, by invitation. It is possible to receive an invitation for 2 people (subject to availability). For more information on invitation availbility, please email: accueil@pierini.fr.