« Endangered » Art Exhibition

Did you notice the buzz of excitement around Biot in early June ? That was the time of an artists’ residency at Pierini Glass Studio that aroused everyone’s curiosity at the start of summer 2018, as it welcomed some major international glass artists.

Kelly O’Dell and her partner Raven Skyriver are American glass artists who came over especially from Seattle, their home town, to share their immense talent, working alongside our own French glass artist, Antoine Pierini.

These three artists met during Antoine’s earlier trips to the USA. Their paths crossed at major events, such as the SOFA exhibition in Chicago and at the Pillchuck Glass School, immediately connecting with each other through their shared passion.

On his return, Antoine Pierini and his wife Gaëlle, who is heavily involved in the family business, naturally suggested to these artists that they come and produce some of their work on the French creative arts scene in their studios in the heart of the French Riviera.

Kelly O’Dell & Raven Skyriver therefore packed their bags and headed to Biot, staying there from 6th to 20th June, working and producing creative pieces along with Antoine Pierini. Their visit to France did not go unnoticed and aroused such enthusiasm that Pierini Glass Studio witnessed the arrival of budding artists from every corner of France.

This interaction resulted in 12 unique works that are currently on display in the showroom from now until 28th October 2018, as part of an exhibition called “Endangered”. Raven & Kelly are known for their own trademark style and fascinating ability to reproduce fauna with breathtaking realism. They draw their inspiration in particular from marine animals and aquatic plants in danger of extinction. So many specimens are there to be discovered through these glass artworks, created in minute detail. In Raven’s view, this realism is a way of bringing humans face to face with the reality of the marvels that inhabit our ocean depths. He hopes in this way to promote empathy and trigger emotion.

These artists are committed to fighting for the protection of our environment and conservation of these species heading for extinction, so they donate part of their revenue to an organisation campaigning for those same goals. The major works in this brand-new exhibition include the sea turtle “Adrift”, which took a combined total of around 82 hours of hot and cold work. The coloured pigments incorporated into the glass create the perfect illusion of this creature coming to life right in front of us. For visitors who get the chance to view it, don’t miss the extraordinary effect of the turtle’s sparkling eyes. Raven has succeeded in conveying the impression of life reflected in its eyes, adding an exceptional dimension to his work. Kelly’s creations are equally amazing. In her work entitled the “Barnacle”, she used several different techniques including some real innovations, notably different coloured bisques formed and assembled while hot. Each of the cones that make up the “Barnacle” involved hours of work on colour preparation and assembly.

Come and see the “Endangered” exhibition, on now until 28th October 2018, in the new display area of the showroom. Following several weeks’ work, Pierini Glass Studio opened a new exhibition space at the start of June in a resolutely clean and simple, industrial style, to delight visitors with a display of unique works of exceptional quality.

Discover or download HD pictures of the art works >> https://www.dropbox.com/sh/obfj19bv8fktigo/AABYagQFF_fnloAv41ocVaqla?dl=0

Copyright @Galla Théodosis

Discover or download HD pictures of the exhibition >> https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ym9t5pd2ulelzsx/AAAu6fAuImRcPbBuspETp2j7a?dl=0