Christmas is coming ….

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Since the existence of our gallery at BIOT (1980), Antoine Pierini and his team of glassworkers work every day to create works of art that enhance your interiors and gardens. Christmas is coming and this is the perfect opportunity to offer a little magic and to make known this ancestral know-how that is the work of the blown glass with the cane. So here are some Christmas gift ideas …

Pierini collections as Christmas gift ideas

There are collections for all budgets. But some have a particular success at the end of the year, including the collection of « Galets Côte d’Azur France », pebbles of blue glass representing the pebble beaches of the Côte d’Azur, especially the area of ​​Nice. These pebbles can be offered as Christmas gifts to the unit, in diptych or triptych since they exist 3 different sizes.

Cost: from 90 € to 130 €

The sulphides are for their part a safe bet: this is the whole symbol of blown glass: we see inside the « Spheres » or « Mano a Mano » the air bubbles, the sails and the powders of glass of different colors. These sulphides are even more beautiful illuminated. We propose to have them on a white LED base. The piece then captures the eyes of your guests and brings to the room in which it is arranged a real point of light.

Other collections such as the small Dunes, the Beloi Tanta jewels or the fish or cactus by Nicolas Laty are all original ideas as Christmas gifts that will surprise you.

The idea of ​​the good gift for Christmas

It is sometimes difficult to offer a work of art when we do not know the tastes and preferences of each. Pierini Glass Art Center has created gift vouchers so you can rest assured that the recipient of your Christmas present can afford the piece of their dreams.

How to proceed ?

Just call us or send an email to: You give us the amount of the gift voucher. We print a good gift that we pack in a black bag. And voila? You do not live in the area? Nothing more simple, we send you the good and flat packing, and you just have to finalize your package and put it at the foot of the tree.

Christmas is always a time of year when magic happens. To offer a work of art is also to offer a little magic.