Robert Pierini was born in 1950 in Toulon. In the seventies he learnt to master glass techniques under the management of Eloi Monod. Then, he associated himself with three friends and took over a glass studio in Montauroux  (Var).

In 1980, after six years of intensive production, he decided to be independent. He chose an old olive mill located at the foot of the top-of- the-hill village of Biot in which he had his own glass studio installed and where he could at last go on experimenting. Though he had to work really hard all day long to produce as many as possible objects in order to make a living, he could manage to try new ways and test different combinations of materials and colors. He then began to create unique pieces which gave him more self satisfaction.

He made calculations with the famous « golden number » in order to reach ideal proportions and studied the properties of glass, its reflecting or light absorbing qualities, its transparency, opacity, its subtle way of diffracting colors. He patented a color which was so special that it became known as the « Pierini red ».

From the start, he had been successful. The collectors of exceptional objects and art dealers have acknowledged his talent. Important international events exhibiting his work as single artist or together with others in France, Swiss, Belgium, Austria, Germany but also Japan, Canada or in the States contributed to establish his reputation.

From the day the Old mill glass studio had been created, thirty years had passed and all along Robert Pierini has never ceased to surprise us and make us dream.  He could make his faithful public trust him because he is a man of great integrity.

Though his talent has grown with the passing years, he has always remained a simple, shy and discreet man.