Nicolas LATY

Born in 1976 in Nice, France, Nicolas grew up in Biot, a village with a very strong tradition of glass blowing since the 1950s. He became acquainted with glass-blowing after meeting the French artist JC NOVARO at the age of 17 and began learning the technique, presenting his first exhibition three years later with a series of flasks mixing glass-blowing and silver. His work shifted quickly to sculpture, inspired by the comics and pop culture. His first sculptures were of funny characters, travelling in hot-air balloons and planes, but it is with his colored, likable animals that Nicolas first got noticed, notably during the 2002 Venezia Vetro exhibition at the Rossella Junck Gallery in Venice, Italy.

“I fell for glass-blowing, for the rhythm and humming noise in the workshop. Playful is how I would describe my art. I sculpt colorful characters with round and laughing eyes, often in a funny posture. They are a reflection of my appreciation for optimism, humor and simplicity. I hope that when you see my sculptures, you will feel this pleasure too”

I fell for glass-blowing, instantly, at the age of 17. The mood in the workshop, the humming noise of the ovens, and the rhythm of the canes: I loved everything about it.

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