Antoine BRODIN

Antoine Brodin works between the boundaries of artisan craft and con-temporary art. With decades of experience in glass-blowing, stained glass, and decal design and production, his technical expertise is evi-dent in the impressive forms of his sculptural work. Playing with the fixed and fluid meanings inscribed in materials and cultural symbols, his work seems to continually return to themes of impermanence and memory.

Brodin has trained with renowned glassblowers such as Oscar Zanetti and Davide Salvadore in Murano and Kenji Ito, Tokyo, and has received a number of prizes and commissions, including L’Oeuvre from Atelier d’Art de France. His work has been exhibited in a variety of institutions, most notably le Musée des Art Décoratifs and Le Grand Palais in Paris, as well as being held in a number of private collections and public museums.

He currently lives and works in Ardeche, France, where he regularly provides workshops at his studio-foundry.

Text by Tommie Soro, Artist/Researcher

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