Pierini Glass Art Center Artists

Meet glassblowers and glass artists

PIERINI Glass Art center aspires to promote the art of glassmaking and its creators who can do justice to this indomitable material.

Whether it’s young artists or established creators, all pursue their passion in this location designed by Antoine & Gaëlle PIERINI.


Name: Pierini
First name: Robert
Nickname: « Glass Couturier »
Eye colour: Green
Features: Blowing glass in the hotshop
Main inspiration: Asian Art

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Name: Beloï
First name: Tanta
Nickname: Lou Caganis
Eye color: Provencal
Features: Intemporel between sea & sky
Main inspiration: Biot

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Antoine BRODIN

Name: Brodin
First name: Antoine
Nickname: Tonio
Eye color: Brown
Features: Artist, Intuitive tightrope walker, glass sculptor & blower
Main inspiration: Memory & impermanence

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Nicolas LATY

Name: Laty
First name: Nicolas
Eye color: Blue
Features: Glass blowing, hot sculpting
Main inspiration: Animal, Plant & Mineral

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Name: Pierini
First name: Antoine
Eye color: Blown
Features: Glass blowing, hot & cold sculpting
Main inspiration: Mediterranean heritage

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