Glass & Design

Ethan Stern & Gabe Feenan - from September 13 to 20, 2018

Antoine Pierini met Ethan Stern and Gabe Feenan in 2012. Their friendship grew through events and festivals around the world where their paths crossed. He therefore quite naturally invited them to come to his Glass Art Centre as Artists-in-Residence.

So, these two major artists on the American scene did us the honour of coming and sharing memorable times with us from 13th to 20th September 2018.

Ethan Stern, a glass artist and also vice-principal of the famous Pilchuck Glass School, is known for creations that demand particularly meticulous cold work. The result is impressive: modern works with carved incisions that are at times as fine as a brushstroke, able to absorb and reflect the light in different ways.

Gabe Feenan’s work centres on three simple shapes: the sphere, the cone and the cylinder. Feenan is interested in the way glass folds, flows and filters the light. The clean lines of Feenan’s style and mellow tones combine elegantly in these superbly designed sculptures.

The works produced were then exhibited in the PIERINI Glass Art Centre Gallery until 31st December 2018.

These shared moments with Ethan Stern and Gabe Feenan during their residency provided the opportunity to discover other visions and other ways of approaching this fascinating material. Each of them, in their respective world, has a hugely talented approach to Glass, making the most of their great knowledge in order to present us with original sculptures. That enabled us, in particular, to establish ourselves as players on the international contemporary art scene.

We were pleased and proud to show 22 works for the first time in France, through the “Glass & Design” exhibition. Works that we have also taken to Germany, to a glass museum and foundation with one of the largest collections, the GlasMuseum Lette, in Coesfeld.