Kelly O’Dell & Raven Skyriver - from June 06 to 20, 2018

As part of its Artist-in-Residence programme, from 06th to 20th June 2018 the Glass Art Centre welcomed a couple of famous glass artists, straight from Seattle: Kelly O’Dell & Raven Skyriver.

Kelly O’Dell and Raven Skyriver take their inspiration directly from living fauna, imbuing their works with a special sensitivity towards species on the brink of extinction and creating a transcendent effect through their beauty, precision and realism.

Demonstrations were given during those two weeks, moving from the melt studio to the finishing studio.

To round off this event, a 4-handed demonstration took place. The two artists created an incredibly beautiful NAUTILUS. They also answered questions from an inquisitive audience, impressed by their dexterity and perfectionism.

With the help of students and trainees as well as the team at the Centre, they were able to create 14 works that were put on display in the gallery in an exhibition we called “Endangered” and which we also took to Germany, to a glass museum and foundation with one of the largest collections, the GlasMuseum Lette, in Coesfeld.