Antoine BRODIN

Antoine BRODIN - February 2015

In February 2015, Antoine Pierini invited the rising artist, Antoine Brodin, for a Residency at his studio. This provided the opportunity for Antoine to work with a new team which, for him, is always a simultaneous source of both excitement and “anxiety”, linked to the need for everyone to get into step with one another to ensure good coordination. This was also the chance to embark on new research.

Antoine was born in 1980 in France where, at the age of 13, he was introduced to drawing and painting techniques by his great-aunt, who took him under her wing as a pupil for 3 years. His passion for art took root but had a fierce confrontation with the world of labour when, at the age of 17, he began a vehicle paintwork apprenticeship, and he’s maintained his rebelliousness and streak of civil disobedience ever since. He resumed his studies to enter art school but was disillusioned by the institutionalisation of creative design.

He carried out his first glass blowing internship at Allain Guillot and son’s village-based studio, where magic was at work, resulting in a real revelation.

He went on to train first in Montréal, taking classes at weekends, and then in Nancy, with a long period of study at CERFAV, the European Centre for Research and Training in Glass Art, where he met Jérémy Wintrebert, going on to spend 4 years as his assistant. In Venice, he came face-to-face with this secular tradition and in Tokyo, he learnt the significance of the nobility of the action, before arriving in Paris without a penny to his name. Support from Jérémy Wintrebert and an introduction to Philip Baldwin and Monica Guggisberg opened up new prospects for him, both from a personal point of view and in terms of opportunities in Europe.

The 2016 “L’Œuvre” award from the Fondation des Ateliers d’Art de France and his nomination for a “Grands Prix de la Création de la Ville de Paris” award in 2015 are just some of the accolades on a growing list for this artist with a promising future.

He now has his own studio in the Ardèche, where he lives with his partner and continues to explore the “tension between memories”.