Artists in residence : Ethan Stern and Gabe Feenan

Showcasing major and international contemporary glass artists is at the heart of Pierini Glass Studio’s policy, for you to discover.

Amongst the unmissable events on the Côte d’Azur this coming September, Pierini Glass Studio keeps putting the spotlight on the United States of America by welcoming two key figures of the Seattle glass scene from the 13th to the 20th of September 2018 : Ethan Stern& Gabe Feenan.

Ethan Stern indirectly discovered his passion for glass as he was studying ceramics. Captivated by colours, his interest for glass kept growing through the years. Pushing glass beyond the anatomy of the vessel, Ethan Stern’s work is an ongoing exploration of abstraction, color, texture and light.

While glass typically reflects light and has an inherently shiny and dense appearance, he is drawn to a richer, more luminous effect achieved by meticulously carving and engraving the surface. The sculpted matter absorbs and reflects light stunningly, revealing the material’s optical qualities.

These engraved marks on the sculpted matter, like the stroke of a paintbrush on canvas or a finger pushed into clay; leave evidence of the Artists hand and are undeniably connected to his process and the nature of the material itself.

Stern’s work is widely exhibited and is held in the collections of many great Museums in the world, such as the Toyama City Institute of Glass Art  in Japan, The Palm Springs Art Museum in the USA, and the Norwegian Air in Oslo.

Gabe Feenan has always been fascinated by glass. His works focus on three simple shapes : sphere, cone and cylinder. Often assembled together, they highlight the properties of glass, the way it folds, filters and curves light. Trapped bubbles, hourglasses, and solid basis compose most of Feenan’s creations, accentuating the way colour density and the thickness of the material itself modify light. Thus,clean-cut lines and soft tones combine in elegant sculptures.

Feenan has been a resident gaffer at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma (USA) since 2002, and travels regularly at the occasion of artist residencies.

Antoine Pierini met Ethan Stern and Gabe Feenan 6 years ago. Their friendship evolved with the years and with the different international events they attended, where they enjoyed exchanging views on the passion they share.

Pierini Glass Studio is proud to welcome Ethan Stern and Gabe Feenan as part of its artist-in-residence program from the 13th to the 20th of September 2018. Over the course of this residency, both artists will create work during live demonstrations in our open to the public hotshop. A selection of these unique artworks will then be displayed in our showroom, the time of a temporary exhibition.

Come between the 13th and the 15th of September included to see Ethan Stern working in the hotshop,

and between the 17th and the 20th of September included to see Gabe Feenan at work.