Artists Residencies

Artists Residencies

Meet glassblowers and glass artists

Every year, the Glass Art Centre in Biot offers special encounters and welcomes artists of standing on the international contemporary glass art scene, as well as up-and-coming artists.
Our Artist-in-Residence programme provides the opportunity to exchange know-how, hold a masterclass, do a demonstration and present the results to the public.
The Centre is very keen to show the general public and art lovers the different forms of expression using this material. So, sculptures appear alongside conceptual artworks, art installations and decorative art pieces.
We see it as an experimental laboratory, where visitors can admire the artists at work and share in the creative process.

The Pierini Glass Art Centre is proud to represent renowned glass artists from every background, with their own very different artistic hallmarks.

Visitors’ enthusiasm and fascination can be prolonged by viewing the works produced during the Residency, in a special Exhibition and dedicated catalogue.
All the glass sculptures on display at the Centre have been created on site, allowing numerous artistic exchanges and interaction between glass artists. Going beyond simple creation, there is also this wish to introduce the French public to the work of these glass blowers who are still unknown to some in France. So, these residencies offer these creative artists a terrific opening and opportunity to be exhibited in France and elsewhere in Europe.

We also strive to have some of these art pieces displayed in various galleries and museums with a potential interest in their work.

"REFRACT²" Rob Stern & Ondrej Novotny

Sept. 2019

"Passé… Ajouré" Mathieu Grodet

July 2019

"Glass & Design" Ethan Stern & Gabe Feenan

Sept. 2018

"Endangered" Kelly O’Dell & Raven Skyriver

June 2018

"Antoine BRODIN" Antoine BRODIN

Feb. 2015