Antoine Pierini

In September 2019, the new website of the artist is launched and allows visitors to dive into his world and discover more precisely his artistic approach:

Antoine Pierini’ s Biography

Antoine PIERINI was born in 1980 in Antibes, a city in the south-east of France, with ancient foundations, open on the Mediterranean Sea on one side and the Alps on the other. But it is in Biot, a village deeper inland, a few kilometers away, a center of French glass production with international influence, that it grows.

His father, Robert PIERINI, master glassmaker, shares with him his know-how and passion for glass, while his mother, environmental activist, conveys to Antoine his love of nature and the environment

At seven, Antoine already shows the desire to handle glass. Difficult to escape his vocation when, moreover, hot work is customary in the family! His father but also his uncle and aunt, Alain and Marysa Bégou, or Xavier Carrere, his cousin, are among the most famous French glassmakers, having put the work of blown glass in the spotlight in the 1980s to 2000s.

What can we discover on his new site?

You will read his artistic approach, illustrated by the visuals of his latest creations, glass sculptures, white or blue amphora format very design and cold work that required several weeks of testing and execution. You will find that Antoine Pierini is an artist captivated by the Mediterranean in a broad sense, in what it has the best to offer us. You will make this introspective journey.

Even though his fame is today international, he remains close to his roots. For those who do not know it, it is possible to come see him working in his studio Pierini in his glass art center, and to blow the glass when he is not abroad. A simple phone call and we can tell you if the local artist is in charge.

Like all Internet sites, this one has taken a long time to be realized and we are proud of it. But we are also aware that its life is already defined, it will start again, but is not it thrilling to say that everything is eternal restart?