Acquisition of pieces of art by the Glass Museum Glass Museum Lette

Mrs Ulrike Hoppe-Oehl, director of the Glassmuseum Lette in Germany, acquired major artworks created by Antoine Pierini and other in-house artists.

A dozen sculptures were chosen, amongst which a « Bamboo » installation, a compostion of « Drunkness » and a piece from Antoine Pierini’s new collection « Vestiges » , a beige amphora which requested over 12 days of work, both in the hotshop and in the coldshop.

« Nautilus », the one-of-a-kind collaborative sculpture made by American artists Kelly O’Dell and Raven Skyriver, also entered the Museum’s collection. Both these major artists are based in Seattle (WA) and are specialized in figurative sculpture. Devoted to environment and its preservation, they focus on sea fauna and flora.

Please note that the works « Le Roi des oiseaux » by Antoine Brodin — distinguished French glass artist working glass like lace, « Glassy Puppy » and « Fox » by Nicolas Laty — famous glass artist from Biot whose sculptures are shown in many cities around Europe, are also part of the acquisitions made by the Glassmuseum Lette.

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